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South Africa is currently on Level 4 of Lockdown. What exactly does that mean?


Masks will be mandatory from 1 May 2020

Alcohol restrictions

No Sale of Alcohol will be allowed

Sale of Sigarettes

Sale of cigarettes still not allowed


You are allowed to run outside between 6 and 9 am only

These are the rules of Alert Level 4, which will be adopted from 1 May 2020

Masks are manditory

Everyone has to wear cloth face masks outside their homes. You can also wear a scarf or a t-shirt wrapped around your mouth and nose, according to Dlamini-Zuma.


People are not allowed out between 20:00 and 05:00.

You have a single chance to move back to your house

Everyone is given until the 7th of May to get where they need to be.


There is a limit of 3 people per private vehicle, and taxis are allowed 70% capacity.   Taxis etc needs to be sanitised daily, and hand sanitisers must be provided.

Can you visit your friends and family?

No social visits are not allowed.

Church and other large group gatherings?

Not allowed

Fast food: 

Take aways only. Restaurants can open for food delivery services only, between 09:00 to 19:00.

Can you buy clothes?

Yes. Children clothes and winter clothes are allowed to be sold

Woman covering her mouth with a bandana during coronavirus outbreak